How do I get started?

If you have your manuscript ready, just submit your manuscript at submission@authorspride.com with your name, email ID and phone numbers. You will be replied within 15 working days.

Do you offer writer services if I have story in mind?

Yes, we offer writer services. You can submit your story with us at submission@authorspride.com with your name, email ID and phone numbers. If your story is shortlisted, we will offer you our expert writer services for a cost, which will differ according to the content and style of writing agreed upon. We will reply within 15 working days to fix up a meeting and discuss the same.

When do I start getting royalty? What is your proposition on it?

You will start getting royalty after 1 year of book sales. Royalty amount will be 10 percent to 35 percent of the Book MRP (depending upon the genre, content and proposition of the book).

What about other publishing services?

We offer all publishing services at different and affordable costs. Get in touch with us on services@authorspride.com and we will reply according to your publishing needs. Please, refer out site's services page.

I need to sell publishing rights of previously published book?

You are most welcome to discuss your concern with us. Feel free to mail at director@authorspride.com

What kind of books do you publish?

We publish everything which you wish to share with the world - book, booklet, novel, novelette, poetry, fiction or non-fiction, education modules. Feel free to ask on mail at info@authorspride.com.

What if I want to publish book for my personal self and not for sale?

We can publish your book for your personal self as well. We will discuss the proposition with you once you mail at director@authorspride.com.