Publish your books and valuable works of fiction in three countries & one continents across the world - US, UK, Europe and Japan! Yes, we are publishing the above-mentioned genre in these four parts of the globe on a traditional mode. Both physical and digital copies of books will be available in these countries. We also publish your valuable work of fiction and non-fiction including academic write-ups in self-publishing mode in India which are provided with market space on almost all popular online platforms.
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Keeping it as simple as possible, we hereby, extend a hand in helping you and guiding you towards your publishing goals step by step. Whether a first-time author or an experienced one, we have something to add to your riches of words. We give timely valuable feedbacks on your submitted manuscripts, an editorial team (which comprises of avid readers and reviewers more than writers) actually reads it and responds to it! We are trying to revolutionise the publishing system through our sincere and planned work, we hence, don't publish by selling 'publishing packages'. Need of every author is different and so are the skill-sets, we talk to you and then zero down the areas of our services and guidance. Accordingly, the cost of publishing work is set in self-publishing mode. We know this because our team itself comprises of writers across the world. Rome was not built in a day and hence, a book also takes time to get into a desired shape with accurate content, we set an approximate deadline for every book depending upon our discussion with the author. Writing, translation, editing, proof-reading, shaping, book-setting, book-cover designing, printing, hosting for sale, tracking of sales and annual report of performance, disbursing of royalty annually and timely, everything is done by us together or one service at a time, with guidance to the author on every step. We don't just leave once you are published with us, we concentrate on establishing a relationship of a lifetime with our authors so that they keep associated with us in one form or the other. We have realized all this as we have grown in this industry. Nothing happens if we keep thinking, let us do it for ourselves as a team! We are thankful to all the authors who have published with us. They have enriched our work and are still standing steady with us as friends!


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